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South Wolds is such a vibrant place to grow up and learn.  On a daily basis there is so much happening it is difficult to keep up with.  We will update the blog on a regular basis to let you know what is happening at our great Academy. We also operate a twitter account @southwolds for parents and carers.
October 2nd - Improving Independent Learning Through Partnerships with Parents

As you will already know we are putting a huge amount of effort into improving independent learning and study habits through improved communication with parents about homework and introducing a rapid response detention when homework is not done.

The vehicle for this is the Show My Homework website which we have been using since September 1st.  Informal feedback from parents and students has been fantastic.  Although the information on the website can be accessed without logging in, we are delighted that over a third of parents have already logged onto the website and are using this to ensure that they can support their children in completing homework to a high quality and on time.

If you haven't already started using the website and would like more information then please email us at


October 1st - Thank You!

Thank you to the parents who attended the Body Gossip briefing on Monday. This session was offered to complement the work that Body Gossip had run during the school day with Years 8,9 and 10. Those parents who did attend were very positive about the session and felt that it gave them useful tips to use at home. Body Gossip work to help youngsters reach their academic and social potential by working with them to understand how they can identify and tackle negative self-belief.    

If you weren't able to attend the session but would like more information then you can find out more by visiting their website.

We are looking at running similar sessions throughout the year to help support parents understand the role that they can play in helping their children survive and succeed in the context of the challenges our modern society.  Please keep an eye on your email for more information throughout the year.


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