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South Wolds is such a vibrant place to grow up and learn.  On a daily basis there is so much happening it is difficult to keep up with.  We will update the blog on a regular basis to let you know what is happening at our great Academy. We also operate a twitter account @southwolds for parents and carers.

Friday 4th July saw the annual whole school sports day at South Wolds.  Until summer 2012, the school held sports mornings for individual year groups.  Then in 2012, Miss Smith and her PE team took on the logistical challenge of arranging a day when Years 7-10 all competed on the same day.  It was a success, and has remained a key feature of the school's summer calendar every year since.
With the timetable collapsed for the day, students took part in a wide range of sporting disciplines: football cricket, rounders and athletics - all skills, talents and abilities catered for.

The day started with everyone watching the weather forecasts and crossing fingers that the rain held off until the evening.  With the sun shining, Year 7 & 8 headed down to the Platt Lane playing fields with their tutors to spend the morning playing cricket and rounders with banners made during the week's tutor time, chants written, and faces painted.  While Year 9 & 10 warmed up for their athletics and football fixtures.  At lunchtime, the year groups swapped locations.

The sun shone for most of the day.  Year 7-10 students were enthusiastic, competitive, supportive of each other and impeccably behaved.  Year 12 students were brilliant in supporting members of staff - managing tutor groups, cheerleading, measuring/timing the athletics, and refereeing games.  Importantly, staff and students were able to build and develop positive relationships outside the classroom environment which are so vital for academic achievement.

The day brought out the best in everyone and was a massive success.  Well done to Miss Smith and the PE team for arranging and running such a memorable day!

And the results? These were presented by GB Paralympian, Sam Ruddock, to Years 7 - 10 on Monday morning:

Year 7: 7H
Year 8: 8H
Year 9: 9T
Year 10: 10K
                                    HFH – July 2014

A Marvellous Magical Evening

What a treat it was to attend The South Wolds Academy Music Department's end of year concert last night! Lots of students from all year groups working together to display their musical talent. Under the guidance of Miss Bullard and Mr Reid, our students entertained us with music from films.
The choir kicked started the evening with a rendition of Circle of Life, from The Lion King. They were followed by the Year 7 samba band, Year 8 boys rocking to Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns and Roses, Patrick playing Mozart from memory, and the newly formed Trombone ensemble.

The concert also included Josh playing a solo piece on the clarinet - it was hard to believe that he had only been playing the instrument for less than 18 months! The concert band wowed us with James Bond, Mama Mia by Abba and The Great Escape.  
It was really lovely to hear about how the Year 12 and 13 students are leading various ensembles and being positive role models for our younger students.

After saying lots of thank yous to the fab music teachers who have helped enthuse the students and develop their musical talent, Miss Bullard led a touching dedication to a massive supporter of the Music Department: Mrs Shipman, who is retiring at the end of the year.  The choir returned to sing us out with Rule the World by Take That as a tribute to Mrs Shipman.
Thank you to everyone who came tonight, the students who took part, and Miss Bullard for organising the evening!

                                                                                                                                                                                                           HFH - June 2014

SIgnificant Investment in our Site
Those of you who were around may remember the work that we did with the Local Authority to ensure that the school did not lose out on proposed capital expenditure when we converted to an Academy.  Phase 1 of that work was completed in the summer 2012 and you will recall this was £1 million worth of investment in new windows/doors throughout the Academy and that the programme of modernising the flat roofs was finished.  As a result the Academy looks better and is better insulated.

We have now agreed the second phase of that capital works.  This will mean that just under £1/2 milliion of capital works during this academic year will be completed.  Whilst this may not be as visible as the previous work it will make a significant difference to our infrastructure.  This will mean that we will be getting a new fire alarm and we will see major improvements in our electrical and mechanical infrastructure.
Alongside this we are also currently planning to bid into the Academies Capital Maintenance Fund.  Our bid is on two levels.  The first is to build a performing arts studio which will bring modern facilities to Music, Dance and Drama.  The second is to address our priority 1 and priority 2 issues identified in our asset management plan.  Exciting times!  We will keep you in touch with our progress.
AG - November 2013

Sixth Form Curriculum Coaches
Our Sixth Formers play a key role in the life of our great school.  This year we are working with a group of youngsters in Year 12 to develop their skills in curriculum coaching.  We want them to work with younger students in Maths, English and Science across the school.  They are well placed to offer advice and help based on their recent experiences.
49 Year 12 students signed up for a two and a half hour workshop designed to help them prepare to become curriculum coaches.   The workshop was delivered by Matt Pauling from the Youth Sports Trust and he went through sessions on:  expectations of a coach; how to structure sessions; and how to get the most out of young people.
The students will now be allocated 3 Key Stage 4 students each who they will spend 20 minutes every week with, working on their English, Maths and Science.  We will work with them during the rest of this term before the coaching starts in January.
Another example of the commitment and expertise of the talented youngsters in our Sixth Form.
AG - October 2013

Visit from the Chair of the Children and Young People's Committee
Last week we were delighted to welcome Councillor John Peck to South Wolds.  John is the Chair of Nottinghamshire's Children and Young People's Committee and he wants to spend some time in schools.  He spent an hour looking around the school and dropping into lessons. He enjoyed himself so much that he actually started to teach one Year 7 Geography class!!
John reported to me at the end of the visit how impressed he had been with the staff and students he had met.  Indeed I received a letter this morning from him in which he commented:
"Thank you for taking the time to show me around your very impressive school and the warm welcome I received.   You have clearly done a great deal to improve the fabric and facilities of the school. I was struck by the calm, purposeful atmosphere throughout the school.  Please convey my appreciation to your staff for their excellent, dedicated work."
AG - October 2013

Our Successful and Popular Sixth Form
It was a pleasure to attend our annual Sixth Form Open Evening last night.  The hall was busier than it has ever been before, demonstrating how popular South Wolds' Sixth Form has become.
Jon Jenkins, our Head of Sixth Form, explained the structures and process that underpin our sixth form; and the support and expertise that goes in to ensuring 100% of UCAS students achieve their first or second choice of University.  Jo Clemmet, Assistant Head Teacher, talked parents and students through the application process and explained how we make every effort to place students on the courses they want to pursue.  Lydia and Will were incredibly impressive when they talked about their experiences of the sixth form and the successes that they have had.
South Wolds is a high achieving sixth form with sustained success at preparing bright and talented youngsters for a successful future.  We are big enough to provide the broad curriculum and opportunities our students' deserve, but small enough to make sure that we can give the individual attention that everyone needs.  If you want to find out more about our great sixth form then please contact us as soon as possible.
AG - October 2013

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