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6. What date did your child first develop COVID -19 symptoms?* If your child is not displaying any one of the symptoms please select not applicable.

a) New, persistent cough?*
High temperature?*
Loss of smell or taste

7. In order to carry out our test and trace support the following information is required to help track the 48 hours before the development of any COVID-19 symptoms in your child or the positive test result if they are asymptomatic.
For instance, if your child developed symptoms on Saturday 19th December and received a positive test result on Monday 21st December then the relevant window we need to look at is Thursday 17th and Friday 18th December.

Please select the two days that came before whichever date is earliest out of the date of a positive test result or the first date they developed symptoms:*

8. Was your child in school for either of the two days you have identified?

a) Was your child in school on the first date you have identified?*
b) Was your child in school on the second date you have identified?*