The South Wolds Academy and Sixth Form


What is our role?

The role of school governors is, with the senior leadership team, to give strategic direction to the school and to provide appropriate challenge and support to the Headteacher and staff to enable the school to achieve high standards for all of its students. 

How can we offer appropriate challenge and support? 

South Wolds Governors have a wide variety of experience and skills which are used to good effect to help the drive towards constant school improvement. Our work experience includes the commercial, public, education and voluntary sectors, some of us are specialists in ICT, human resources, leadership and management, teaching and learning, customer relations, many aspects of education including higher, further and vocational training, languages and scientific research. All of us bring creativity, commitment and perspective to the role which makes for a strong and supportive governing body.  

How do we understand the school so well? 

We learn about what is happening in school through a mixture of formal and informal means. In addition to the more standard, regular ways described below, we join in with many other school activities including staff recruitment, pupil admissions and school events. 

Governor Links 

Teams of Lead Governors focus on areas of strategic importance to the Academy.  Currently Lead Governors focus on Quality of Teaching, Achievement, Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare, Pupil and Parent voice and CEIAG. They link with key members of the Senior Leadership Team and undertake visits to the school to focus on these areas.  Their reports are shared with all other governors in Local Governing Body meetings.

Additional documentation about the Academy can be found on the EMET website

Published Declarations of Interest 2020


There are 6 Local Governing Body Meetings in an academic year.  Meetings focus on strategic direction and governors scrutinise all aspects of the performance of the school and senior leaders' self evaluation.

Governors' Attendance Register

Governing Body Membership

Parent Governors:

Charlotte Chapman - term of office ends 13 Oct 2023

Sue Jaques - term of office ends TBC

Local Authority Governor:

John Cottee - term of office ends 13 Jul 2024

Community Governors:

Sue Jaques (Chair) - term of office ends TBC

Andy Mortimer (Governor) - term of office ends 28 Sep 2023

Annette Beaumont (Vice-Chair) - term of office ends 06 Oct 2022

Sally Blackamore - term of office ends 05 Oct 2026

Annette Beaumont (Governor) - term of office ends 28 Jan 2023

Staff Governors:

Halina Angus - ex-officio Head Teacher

Lauren Crawford - term of office ends 05 Oct 2026

Claire Burrough - term of office ends 12 Feb 2022

Kevin Jackson - term of office ends 31 Aug 2022

Co-opted Governors:

Simon Martin - term of office ends 08 Oct 2022

Each term of office is for 4 years unless otherwise stated.

Previous Governors (last 12 months):

Ian Bell - term of office ends 26 Feb 2022

Andy Mortimer - term of office ends 30 Aug 2021

If you would like any more information about governors at South Wolds please email me:  

Sue Jaques - Chair of Governors