The South Wolds Academy and Sixth Form


Form Tutor

The tutor has a pivotal role to play and will act as the first point of contact between school and home. Due to their daily contact with the students, tutors build meaningful relationships with the pupils in their group. Where concerns of a social or academic nature arise, tutors will initiate contact with parents to resolve issues via e-mail, letter or phone call for example. Tutors will be aware of the academic targets of pupils within their group, will discuss these with students and monitor progress made towards meeting them. Pupils will be expected to arrive in school punctually and in full uniform. They should be equipped to learn and tutors will carry out regular checks on equipment. They are available to provide advice & guidance to pupils and parents and will refer concerns to The Pastoral Team or external agencies where appropriate.

Head of Year

The Head of Year will oversee all aspects of the pupils’ school experience to ensure it is positive and harmonious. They are responsible for tracking the academic progress of all pupils and will work closely with tutors to ensure support is available where pupils need it.