The South Wolds Academy and Sixth Form


Pastoral care:

Our aim is for every student to achieve or surpass their academic and social potential and to embody the academy’s core values; Be Kind, Work Hard, Aspire. To enable this, the academy is dedicated to providing a safe, caring and disciplined environment for every student in which to learn. The task of Pastoral staff is to make this the core of their work with students. Pastoral staff at all levels in the academy focus on embedding positive attitudes towards learning for all students and the removal of any social, emotional or behaviour barrier to this. 

Pastoral care is central to our student’s development. We believe that providing a framework of care and support will assist them in their academic and social development throughout their school life.

Overall responsibility for pastoral care and safeguarding lies with Mrs Brooks (Deputy Head Teacher) assisted by a highly experienced team. Their roles and responsibilities are as follows:

Assistant Head Teacher -Attendance and Behaviour - Mr Askham

Overall responsibility for behaviour and attendance across years 7 - 11. Leadership of Year 7 - 11 Heads of Year, their tutors and cohort of students, to provide an environment where all students achieve their full academic and social potential.

Key Stage 5 Senior Performance Leader - Mrs Capewell

Leadership of the KS5 Heads of Year, tutors and cohort of students, to provide an environment where all students achieve their full academic and social potential.

Senior Mental Health and Diversity Lead – Miss Drewett

Miss Drewett has a whole school role to promote an inclusive environment at The South Wolds Academy that meets the needs of all students. She is responsible for working with students, parents/carers and staff regarding the academy's mental health programme, anti-bullying strategy and the celebration of diversity and equality across the school. Miss Drewett is also a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL).

Behaviour Support Lead - Mrs Dawson

Mrs Dawson works with students, parents/carers and staff to devise and implement specialised intervention for identified students where there are concerns. Mrs Dawson is also a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL).

Vulnerable Support Lead - Mrs Danson

Mrs Danson supports the individual needs of students across the academy, devising and implementing personalised interventions for identified students. Mrs Danson is also a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL).

Heads of Year (Year 7 - 13)

Each Head of Year oversees all aspects of the students’ school experience to ensure it is positive and harmonious. They are responsible for tracking the attitudes to learning of all students and will work closely with tutors and the Assistant Headteacher - Attendance and Behaviour to ensure support is available where it is needed. We have a static Head of Year 7 who is experienced in liaising with a wide range of feeder schools. This system ensures that students transition quickly into their new surroundings and adapt to the demands made upon them in their secondary school studies. After Year 7, students move to a new Head of Year who remains with the group from Year 8 through to Year 11.

In the Sixth Form students are allocated a new Head of Year for the entirety of their post 16 experience.

Form Tutor (Year 7 – 13)

The tutor has a pivotal role to play and will act as the first point of contact between school and home. Due to their daily contact with students, tutors build meaningful relationships with the students in their group. Where concerns of a social or academic nature arise, tutors will initiate contact with parents/carers to resolve issues, normally via email, letter or phone call. Tutors will be aware of the attitudes towards learning and academic targets of students within their group. Where there are concerns, in the first instance, tutors will work with home to resolve any barrier to success. Students will be expected to arrive in school on time, ready to learn and in full uniform. Tutors provide support, advice and guidance to students and will also refer concerns to Heads of Year.

Attendance and Family Liaison Officer - Mrs Till

This role is to work proactively with parents and students so that all students attend school regularly and punctually.