The South Wolds Academy and Sixth Form

Admissions Consultations FAQs

These FAQs will be updated with more information regularly

Q1. Is Willow Brook Primary School still a link primary school?

We can confirm that Willow Brook Primary continues to be a linked primary school. Please see the draft Admissions Policy 2023/24 that was sent out as part of the consultation. Due to an administrative error the original draft document had the school missing from the list and this was identified and amended within 10 minutes. An updated document and information was then immediately sent out to all stakeholders, and we apologise for this oversight.

Q2. I live in catchment and am worried; will my child not get a place?

The academy has worked with the local authority looking at pupil number projections in the future and the data from the LA indicates that we will be able to offer enough places to take these students.

Q3. Can you tell me how to see the proposed catchment area?

The map that indicates this can be accessed here. It shows the additional area in red that will become part of the existing catchment area.

Q4. My child already attends, but we live out of catchment and he has a younger sibling who wants to come to South Wolds. Does this mean he won’t get a place?

In every step of the over-subscription criteria, siblings have priority so that we can continue to work with our South Wolds community.